in the in-between

May 10th, 2011 Comments Off

With a stunning lack of inspiration, I sit down to expel the ambiguity that has set itself heavy upon my chest.  Symptoms include short, gulping breaths and disorientation.  Left untreated for six months to a year, the condition has become malignant.  This festering tumor has pushed aside the holy bravery I once hid in the hollow behind my heart and I find myself ’sorrying’ my way through the day.  Sorrying alongside the morning commuters, sorrying to the front office staff, sorrying with other sorry-ers, sorry sorry sorry I did not mean, I take that back…if I’m not careful I’ll sorry myself into oblivion.  Of course this compulsory daytime ritual is merely a sad circus act when compared to the confusion and lostness that accompanies the night.  In my sharpest sanity, I know the dark that comes just before the dawn builds such a blinding blackness that I dread the coming of morning.  The very morning that would pour the clearest light into my foggy mind has become my mortal enemy and I use all my fierceness to keep it at bay.  I don’t know how to stop fighting it.  I just don’t know.

when the morning comes

April 27th, 2011 Comments Off

When the morning comes,
I will look across to you
with blurry eyes and a fresh face.

Light will rush into our room
and your lifeless, ashen face
will cease to haunt me.

The color will return to your flesh
and I will be excused from the duties
of watching your breath.

Yes, and when the morning comes,
you will look across to me
with wild hair and a lopsided grin.

No longer this nauseous churning,
a smile will well up in my belly
and erupt across my face.

Your shift will be forever over;
trade in your tired eyes
for love, Love, LOVE!


April 23rd, 2011 Comments Off

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Take off your shoes, and join me for a night hike.
Our soles will be guided by the earth,
and we will walk in silence.

our visit

April 20th, 2011 Comments Off

I’ve come to visit you at the edge.
And along that edge we walk
together as mirror images
cut from the same earth.

We pause to gulp the wind
in the same instant.

You flatter me with visions of heritage.
But this, to me, is your legacy:
the tiny freckle at the tip of my nose.

And so,
we walk
and pause
and listen together.

Perhaps even our hearts
have the same rhythm.

Here, at the edge,
when soon your heart
beats its last,

my heart may pause to listen,
cease to beat for a moment.
Before beginning again,
lonelier than before.


April 14th, 2011 Comments Off

With a divinely crafted blade,
we carve down
beneath old wounds
to unearth a pain that must be surfaced.

In our naked arms
do you and I weep
with agony and ecstasy.

And I praise our Maker
that you are as you have been named,
my Gift from God,
the heart that beats with mine.


April 8th, 2011 Comments Off

Eye to eye and
heart to heart,
you stand before me
to mirror my bravery.

With soft hands
and gentle arms,
you cradle my hope,
and nourish my soul.

When my spark of life
falls dim and cold,
and fear surrounds us,
you      lean      in.

prayer of petition

April 4th, 2011 Comments Off

In darkness I affirm
I am from dust.
With a melody
known only by my soul
you called me into being.

Your tender voice
singing sweetly
was the first sound
to touch my ears,
before I left the womb.

Now hear your dust
calling in distress.
May my heart
find its home
in you.

And grant me this,
miracle of miracles:
that I am Known
and I am Loved,


April 3rd, 2011 Comments Off

Time marches ever onward
toward dissolution, completion.
As in a rushing stream,
I am caught in its current.

Always forward, never back.
Never allowed to
step outside the flow,
even for just a moment.

And so I beat my body
with frenzied fierceness
to prevent erosion,
under the guise of health.

a day like today

March 31st, 2011 Comments Off

Sometimes, on a day like today,
you catch my breath.
My hand pulls up
to rest like comfort on my breast.

On days like this,
I close my eyes.
The world expands and contracts
too quickly to track.

Though I must surely be alone,
I feel your breath on my shoulder.
You love, like talons pierce the muscly sinews of my flesh.
No thirst could be too great to quench.

the love of a lemon

March 7th, 2011 Comments Off

my gorgeous girl,

see how you glow -

with transparent luminosity,

you pull me to the present

and settle my wandering mind.