the what ifs

June 14th, 2011 Comments Off

On a day like today, I might find myself wondering on the drive home from work.  Wondering what would happen should I close my eyes and keep them closed.  Would the lights go out like an overloaded breaker, an explosion in the dark?  Or would they fade almost imperceptibly, like a long decrescendo until I suddenly realized the bow is no longer on the string?  And during this wondering, I might reach up to catch the grief that sits on my cheeks, to save for later.  ”These things should not be wasted,” I might think.  When I get home, the wondering may take me to the roof, where I might hurl my rock and snarl at the moon like a jealous lover.  But then, out of habit I suppose, I might come back inside.  I might have a good idea about what to fix for dinner, which may remind me that sometimes I have good ideas and that days like tomorrow are not usually like today.

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