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June 25th, 2011 Comments Off

In blindness we trust you, the artist, to carry us.  Though we fear the worst and are tempted to look away when you take us to the edge, we hold our hands to our sides to prevent covering of eyes and ears.  And what blessing comes from this restraint.  At the climax of our fear, the possibility of pain dissolves and we with it.  Into a thousand particles we float and suddenly I am aware that we are all breathing the same air.  The air that flows from you, into me, into him, into her, into you.  We are held suspended, breathing together in this deafening silence.  The silence gives meaning to the sound, and the sound gives meaning to the silence.  The silence and sound are as light emanating from your fingers, your toes, your nose.  With reverence for the real, from the being that brings the bites we savor on our tongues and in our ears, we allow ourselves to connect to the thread that holds us together and binds us to one another.

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