December 18th, 2010 Comments Off

Late last night
you held my hand
and I slipped silently across the liminal edge
to discover you weren’t there.

In my trance I heaved
with broken sobs
until the deep overcame me.

I was thrashed about,
my body dashed upon the rocks
until only raw skin remained.

A fresh surface, a new beginning.
Up bubbled the earliest markers of myself,
etched upon every cell of my existence.
My most primitive, purified self.


December 6th, 2010 Comments Off

My lemon tree is dropping her leaves.
Perhaps the morning chill is too much
or maybe the soil is not quite damp enough
(though I watered her only 3 days ago).

No, I fear she is dropping her leaves
so that she may focus all energy
on growing that one little fat baby lemon.

I see this and think, “Is she crazy?!”
Would she sacrifice herself for that little fatty?
But of course, I am the same.

I know she wishes she could absolve herself.
Something deep in her roots prevents it.
The lemon keeps getting fatter and fatter;
I hope it will not split open.

Where am I?

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